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Will David de Gea stay with Red Devils?

Will David de Gea stay with Red Devils?

A transfer window for soccer players will be closed until the end of August. According to recent Manchester United transfer rumors, by that time David de Gea, a current goalkeeper of Manchester United, will leave the English club for Real Madrid, his hometown team. But, this long-expected move can be delayed because of the new offer made by Real’s directors.

To buy or to wait?

There are two obvious ways of getting a new goalkeeper for Real Madrid. First of all, they can simply buy David de Gea. But since the transfer market will be closed until September, the club needs to hurry up to make a deal with Manchester United.

The Spanish soccer club can also wait until De Gea’s contract with United will end. After that, the goalkeeper will be able to join the Spanish team on a free transfer basis. Since his deal with Red Devils will be up next summer, this scenario can be brought to life.

Monstrous signing on fee as a way to cut costs

Real Madrid has offered De Gea $18 million signing on fee to make him stay at his current club for one more season. If the Spanish goalkeeper of MU will agree to this proposition, Real Madrid will save about $30 million on his transfer.

Manchester United wants $45 million for his current goalkeeper. And since the decision about De Gea’s transfer is almost taken, United’s keeper did not even play in the club’s last game. He will also not take a part in the following game against Tottenham in the beginning of a new season.

Nonetheless, if United’s goalkeeper stays in the club for one more year, there will be no need for Real Madrid to pay extra money. And since the Spanish club is the only one really interested in buying De Gea, it seems that United’s directors have no other choice but to accept its player’s terms. Moreover, Real is probably the only club the Spanish keeper will agree to leave United for.

Still, we do not know if David de Gea will accept or decline the offer made by Real Madrid. So the roster of both clubs will remain unclear until the transfer market ends.

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