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TOP 8 Books About Sports Released in 2015

TOP 8 Books About Sports Released in 2015



Soccer belongs to the league of the most popular sports in the world. So, it comes as no surprise that a few quite interesting books about soccer were released this year. If you are a true fan of soccer, you should definitely add the following two books to your must-read list.

Living on the Volcano: The Secrets of Surviving as a Football Manager

by Michael Calvin

Those who used to dream about becoming a soccer club manager one day may find several useful tips in the latest work of Michael Calvin. His book Living on the Volcano: The Secrets of Surviving as a Football Manager contains numerous sincere interviews with the 53 most powerful people from the world of soccer. Among the main heroes of the book, there is Arsene Wenger, the former head manager of the Arsenal soccer team who ran the club for 17 years. It was his quote about the job of a soccer club manager being comparable to “living on a volcano” that gave the author the idea for the title of the entire book.

Explore all the secrets and hidden sides of the life and work of a soccer manager while reading Michael Calvin’s latest book. And if you want to become a football manager for a few moments, one of the 18 best PC games released in 2015 will give you that opportunity.

My Story

by Steven Gerrard

If instead of running a soccer club you have always dreamed about playing for one, you may enjoy reading the autobiographical book written by Steven Gerrard. The world-famous soccer player who was once the captain of both Liverpool and England National Team decided to share his memories with the fans.

A book titled My Story tells about all the highs and lows Gerrard had gone through during almost 20 years of his professional career. There are not many professional players who remain loyal to only one club for a few decades. Gerrard, however, did exactly that―he played for Liverpool from 1998 to 2015.

The book is autobiographical and was written by the player himself. Steven Gerrard shares every significant moment of his playing career with the readers and describes all the milestones he had reached while being a part of the Liverpool soccer team.

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