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The Most Expensive Sports

The Most Expensive Sports

Sports is one of the favorite pastimes on the planet. It is fun to watch it and even participate in it, especially when high stakes are involved. The highest stakes are possible in the world’s most expensive sports, where at any moment millions of dollars can be on the line. Many are not able to afford such kinds of sports, and they will never experience the emotions they bring but can always sit at home and watch the world’s elite spend their free time and unbelievable amounts of money.


Equestrianism is one of the most expensive kinds of sports. It is definitely made for the elite circles, without any exaggerations. Why is it so expensive, you ask? The main reason lies in the dressage horse. The horses suitable for this sport usually cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Modern Pentathlon

Modern pentathlon is another common world’s elite play. Its equipment and training are very expensive. This Mod-Pen is an Olympic kind of sport, which consists of show jumping, running, swimming, fencing, and pistol shooting. When taken separately, they are not very expensive, but together they make up a sport that can be played only by the rich. The athletes of Mod-pen spend a lot of money on equipment, horses, guns, and training.

Sky Diving

Sky diving is also one of the world’s favorite pastime. The equipment is quite expensive. It includes the reserve shoot, the harness, and the main chute. The approximate price of this package can reach $7,000. But even that is not the end. Do not forget about a helmet, chest rings, a skyhook, and a jumpsuit.


If you are eager to try climbing the Alps like Lance Chris Froome, you should seriously consider getting a good bike. In order to make your ride pleasant and convenient, you should be equipped according to the highest standards. Some good bikes can cost almost $12,000, so start saving up if you want to go cycling with the best.

Formula 1

This kind of sport is madly expensive. You have to buy several cars, and each of them costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. The companies sponsoring such competitions have the budgets of billions of dollars. For example, the F1 engine alone would cost you almost $8,000. Those who participate in such games put their life at high risk. Would you find it exciting to race and know you can crash at any moment and throw away thousands of dollars? I know I wouldn’t.

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