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The 6 Worst NASCAR Accidents

The 6 Worst NASCAR Accidents

1960—the largest wreck in the NASCAR history so far

There are a few impressive examples of multiple wrecks that took place on the track in different years, but the massive accident in 1960 remains the largest in the entire NASCAR history. The incident happened during the Modified Sportsman Race in February 1960. In the beginning, there were 68 cars on the track of the Daytona speedway, but after the very first lap, almost a half of them was out of the game.

For some reason, 37 cars were knocked out of the race, and it is a real miracle that there were no fatalities or life-threatening injuries among its victims. Still, at least eight drivers who got involved in that massive wreck needed medical help and were taken to the hospital.

The best part about that massive car crash is that it has all the chances to remain the largest wreck in the NASCAR history because after the incident the NASCAR officials decided to reduce the number of drivers allowed to take part in a race. Today, only 43 drivers may participate in a race at one time.

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