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The 2018 Olympic moments that will make you cry inspired tears

The 2018 Olympic moments that will make you cry inspired tears

During every Olympics there are special moments, the type of moments that bring a tear to your eye and maybe make your lip quiver while you try to catch your breath. Your lungs fill with pride and your heart beats twice as fast while you watch your fellow Americans sweat and bleed the red, white and blue.

Here are some examples of those moments in the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics:

In one of the most epic, Mighty Ducks-ian finishes an Olympic hockey game could ever muster, Team USA women pulled out an overtime, shoot-out victory over northern border-rival, Canada.

Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson scored the winning goal to give Team USA its first Olympic championship in 20 years. In three of the previous four Olympics, the U.S. women lost to Canada in the finals.

“Our mission for our team has been clear since day one,” said Duggan, the team captain. “We wanted to come here and be the best team we could be as Team USA every single game, regardless of opponent. Everyone in this room and everyone in the world knows our history against the opponent we faced [Thursday] night, but it certainly was special for us, based on what we’ve been through.”

“But it was about Team USA [Thursday] night. And when I think about the way we looked at each other on the ice after, the time we spent in the locker room together after the game, the win was about our team, our program, our country and we couldn’t be more proud.”

The pride she refers to comes from years of pin-point focus from a group of women who have been working emphatically for this moment. The team’s win resonated deeper than most and far beyond just the 23 women on the Olympic roster. It also came 38 years to the day since the classic “Miracle on Ice” win by the American men.

No matter the politics involved, one of the most poignant moments in the opening ceremony was the unification of the North and South Korean athletes entering PyeongChang Olympic Stadium side by side with a common flag.

The unified women’s hockey team was the lightning bolt of the symbol for peace, and quite a symbolic weight at this highly politicized Games. The team didn’t win a single game during competition, and they only scored 2 total goals the entire Olympics.

To the coach, Sarah Murray, who was holding back tears after the last buzzer sounded, the lack of scoring and final results were beside the point.

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