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  • Is the Game Over for Justin Boston?

    Is the Game Over for Justin Boston?0

    It has been a long time since the name of one of the most promising and scandalous drivers of Kyle Busch Motorsports—Justin Boston—has hit the headlines. In fact, we do not even know for sure if there is a possibility to see Justin Boston racing on the track again. Lawsuit that ended everything Last summer,

  • KBM is suing Justin Boston and Zloop

    KBM is suing Justin Boston and Zloop0

    The Kyle Busch Motorsports company claims it did not receive sponsorship payments from its former driver Justin Boston. Along with the racer, KBM is suing the Zloop company, co-founded by Justin Boston’s dad Bob Boston. Both defendants, Justin Boston and Zloop owe KBM $650,000. But according to the suit, the total sum of Bostons’ debt