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Study: Female Athletes as Likely to Get Severe Sports Injuries as Men

Study: Female Athletes as Likely to Get Severe Sports Injuries as Men

If you have watched at least five big football games, you have probably seen one great game and one serious injury. Injuries are inevitable in professional sports, but they are studied and researched in order to be made less frequent. Who is more likely to get injured on a field—a man or a woman?  The answer that easily comes to mind is a man, but the correct one is both. Recent research showed that women are as likely to suffer from injuries during a game as men, or even more likely when it comes to certain types of injuries. Careful investigation of this problem can help reduce, if not eliminate, the number of severe sports injuries.

As men and women have different body constitutions, different parts of them are more exposed to traumas. The three most common injuries include ankle, knee, and shoulder problems. Another common trauma is called plantar fasciitis. It is a typical health problem among runners, which results in severe pain in the heel and the bottom of the foot. The cause lies in irregular alignment of feet during training and games. And the last problem, closing the top-5 health problems of female athletes, is a group of disorders connected with stress. And it is not sadness, depression, or other psychological problems. In this case, we mean “body stress” which results in such severe symptoms as anorexia nervosa, lower limb bone fragility and irregular menstruation.

Why are women more exposed to these injuries than men? Scientists have no certain answers, only theories. The easiest and most common answer lies in the biological differences between men’s and women’s bodies. Other scientists believe this may happen due to the way women move. For example, if a woman athlete needs to change direction rapidly, she will do it with one foot, as opposed to men, who turn on both feet. Another explanation suggests that hormonal changes in the woman’s body make her more prone to certain types of injuries during certain periods.  Luckily, a special kind of training developed by sportsmen and scientists can help reduce the number of severe sports injuries by strengthening muscles that surround the vulnerable areas.

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