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Rugby vs American football: which is more hardcore?

Rugby vs American football: which is more hardcore?


There is no denying that American football is an incredibly physical game. With their impressively warrior-like appearances, the players always look like they are ready to overcome any barrier. They certainly are better equipped than their counterparts, rugby players. However, the U.S. President Barack Obama said that if he had sons he would not take them to the national football. He thinks this kind of sport is too violent, so he is worried about young college players a lot.

And yes, I agree that NFL players put at risk their health and sometimes even lives. But, anyway, rugby is much more dangerous. Let’s frank—it is a tougher sport overall. So should David Cameron be as worried as Obama?


Rugby players do not wear all those junk. A gum shield is all they need. Maybe it is because nothing could save them from the thrashing.


Each of us at least once has seen how rugby players tackle each others. It is a horrible show. More that a hundred players have been paralyzed due to the game. Others were mauled, battered and mashed. After every rugby game I saw I honestly wondered how they were still alive.

There is a Samoa rugby union player, named Brian Lima, whose nickname is “The Chiropractor”. And you will never guess why.

A football field

What was the last time you saw rugby game played in an artificial turf? I remind you: never. Almost all rugby players gallop on a natural grass, sometimes during the rain. And that means that it gets muddy sometimes. Very, very muddy.

No time for chit-chat

While American footballers can spend more time to discuss the game and have a cup of tea than actually to play it, rugby players have just ten minutes between two 40-minute halves and max thirty-second interruptions throughout. In American football, actual action lasts for only 11 minutes, and the rest of the time players stand around.

And, finally, because Joanne Rowling, the author of the “Harry Potter” series, thinks so.

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