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Relaxation tips for professional tennis players

Relaxation tips for professional tennis players

Friends, magazines and even doctors advise us to play sports in order to calm down and sort problems out. And it is pretty reasonable—when you exhausted to the point you can barely move, self-destructive thoughts leave. Unfortunately, this will not work if you are a professional sportsman, because the sport itself, scores and results are the source of the heavy stress. World-class athletes experience worry and anxiety and it is an absolutely understandable thing since we are all human beings.

Every professional tennis player has a very own way of fighting anxiety, but all of them are very similar. The main idea is to forget about what you are playing for—fame, money, victory—and just play. Any professional has been doing the strike for a thousand times, and his body definitely knows where to place the leg and how to move the hand. But many players tend to focus on details and try to keep every action within their consciousness. The fact is the most successful performance happens when a player lets his body free.

The other common problem is something similar to panic when an athlete is frozen by fear and feels like his arm has turned into jelly. Different professional tennis players have different strategies while coping with it. Venus Williams says she starts to play more angrily, six-time Grand Slam winner Reane Stubbs advises to remind yourself you have done a similar thing for thousand hundred times. Also, she focuses on the importance of detaching her thoughts from the possible outcome.

Serena Williams seems to know all that tricks and have the right attitude, but still she had several struggles with nerves trying to her first Grand Slam. Though Serena Williams serve speed is called perfect, the problem can hide in a tiny finger move according to Pam Shriver, an ESPN analyst. Reane Stubbs adds that at such moments Serena Williams just should remind herself who she is and how it is hard to beat her for the person on the other side of the tennis court. And then go for it and hit a perfect serve.

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