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One-Third of Colleges Changed Their Punishment for Drug Use

One-Third of Colleges Changed Their Punishment for Drug Use

The severity with which athletes are punished for positive results in drug testing has changed dramatically during the last ten years. The latest investigation conducted by The Associated Press showed that at least one-third of the Power Five conference colleges let their students use the so-called recreational drugs including marijuana.

It is difficult to imagine that in 2005 chief medical officer of the NCAA  offered to stop all the tests for recreational drugs for sportsmen, but that is exactly what happened last year during the championship events. The National Collegiate Athletic Association cut in half the penalty for sportsmen who showed marijuana and other similar drugs presence in their test results.

Of course, the biggest changes have started since the topic of marijuana legalization became one of the most discussed both in politics and the media. There are already four states where not only medical use, but also recreational cannabis is legal, and it seems that this is only the beginning of even bigger changes.

According to some recent studies, the amount of adults consuming marijuana has doubled since 2005. The changes covered almost the whole U.S. This reflected on the attitude toward recreational drugs in sports accordingly.

Some of the biggest universities, from Auburn to Oregon, have changed their attitude towards punishment for using marijuana. They explained their decision as a reaction to society’s view of this phenomenon.


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