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Michael Jordan Named Greatest Basketball Player Once Again

Michael Jordan Named Greatest Basketball Player Once Again

Choosing the greatest sports team or sportsman has always been a difficult task due to the lack of unity among the sport fans. Every fan claims their favorite team is the best, and all attempts to change their mind are useless. On the other hand, if many sports enthusiasts agree on one candidate to be called the best athlete ever, it is one of the most honorable titles that can be earned. There is little dispute about calling Michael Jordan the greatest basketball player.  However, would it be fair towards other sportsmen to call Jordan not only the best basketball player but also the best athlete?

As a recent Harris poll shows, Jordan was chosen as the best sportsman of all times by approximately 2,500 Americans who participated in the questionnaire. Jordan has managed to keep the top place since 2009, for almost six years now, when Harris conducted the same questionnaire. Michael is one of the two basketball players and one of the nine male athletes on the 2015 list. Brett Favre, Hank Williams, and Ted Williams, who were in the top-10 of the list, fell off it in the 2015 poll.

Though Michael Jordan retired almost ten years ago, his biography on the official NBA site states he is the greatest basketball player in the whole world. Jordan started playing basketball in college, and soon he entered his first professional NBA team, Chicago Bulls. During that time, Jordan gained his nicknames (Air Jordan or His Airness) due to the incredible ability to perform perfect slam dunks from the foul line. Also, he gained the title of the best defense player in the field.

During his sports career, Jordan earned 2 Olympic gold medals, 1 FIBA gold medal, and 1 Pan American Games gold medal. In total, he earned more than 70 awards and titles while playing basketball. Probably, this is the reason Jordan stays the best basketball player and the best sportsman of all times even ten years after his retirement. Jordan became an icon player and was one of the key factors that influenced the popularization of basketball around the world in 1980s-1990s. He is likely to remain number one for at least five more years.

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