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Meet Golfers Who Are Richest Players in The World

Meet Golfers Who Are Richest Players in The World

Whom do you assume to be the richest players in the world: football players or, maybe, successful NBA players? To find the answer, we have to turn towards golf. No doubt, golf requires a lot of expensive equipment in order to start training, and for quite a long period of time it was a kind of elitist game for the rich. However, times have changed, and now golf has become more available to the vast masses. Still, it is easier to find the richest sportsmen among golf players than among any other representatives of the field. Let us have a quick look at the five most wealthy golf players in the world.

Phil Mickelson with a $46 million fortune takes the 5th position on our list. As many successful sportsmen, Phil started playing golf at the university. He was quickly noticed and got a full golf scholarship that allowed him to continue training. It is interesting to know that Mickelson won his first PGA while still being a junior player. Ernie Els, with $65 million, goes next. In total, he has won 19 PGA titles and 28 European titles. Els also won the Open Championship 4 times in total—in 1994, 1997, 2002, and 2012.

Professional player number three with a total fortune of $75 million by estimate is Vijay Singh. Vijay is a professional player from Fiji. He started playing at an early age since his father was a golf instructor, and soon proved his incredible abilities in this sport.

Player number two, Fred Couples, has earned $105 million by playing golf. Fred won the biggest and the most famous golf tournament—Masters Tournament—on the peak of his career. He has won 63 games in total and has earned 13 achievements and awards.

And now we introduce the player with the total of $700 million in net assets: Tiger Woods! He is definitely one of the richest players in the world not only in golf but also compared with other sportsmen. He won the Masters Tournament 4 times as well as 119 European and PGA titles, yet his career is not over, unlike Fred Couples’. Looking at all these figures, we are wondering, maybe we should try golf?

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