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Marijuana Versus Painkillers: NFL Players Have Right to Choose

Marijuana Versus Painkillers: NFL Players Have Right to Choose

Former football players demand that the NFL reconsider the league’s current policy on marijuana and take part in a study that may prove medical cannabis is beneficial for players. SportDailyTimes will provide you with the most significant reasons behind that demand.

It is not a secret that American football is quite a tough game. There are tons of various traumas and injuries in the lives of most of the professional football players. So, in order to stay on the field, they are literally forced to use a combination of strong painkillers with dozens of side effects. Passion for the game costs them their health and well-being while there may be a possibility to keep playing without harming both their minds and bodies.

Medical marijuana may help football players deal with injuries and illnesses caused by traumas they received on the field. Medical cannabis is believed to be an efficient yet more safe alternative to prescription painkillers. We have 23 states with legalized medical cannabis, and the number of the states with legalized recreational weed continues to grow. This year, there may be a few more states added to the list.

When people started to speak openly about the possibilities they get from using marijuana as a medicine, the former NFL players joined the discussion and stated the need to change the marijuana policy within the league.


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