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Kansas City Royals Get First Victory in 30 Years

Kansas City Royals Get First Victory in 30 Years

An impressive game with the extra innings

An impressive game with the extra innings

Sunday night at the Citi Field stadium was quite eventful. Although it is the home stadium of the Mets, the real hosts in the field were the Royals. The evening ended for the Royals with a fascinating 7-2 victory over the NY Mets. The Royals got, in total, four victories in five games, and this one led them to their first champion title in 30 years.

The game was truly impressive with in total 12 innings and Mets’ Matt Harvey playing his second complete game in the season. The Royals’ Eric Hosmer tied the game by breaking home in 9th inning and forced extra innings, giving his team one more chance to fight for the champion title.

It was a tense and dangerous game, but the Royals survived it. The team scored twice in the 9th inning, leveling the score at 2-2. Later, in the 12th inning, the Kansas City baseball team scored five more times, so the final score became 7-2.

There were lots of dramatic moments performed by the Royals―from a bloop single made by Salvador Perez to a groundout performed by Alex Gordon or to a stolen base made by Jarrod Dyson.

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