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John Stones stays at Everton, Chelsea gets a denial

John Stones stays at Everton, Chelsea gets a denial

Roberto Martinez, the current manager of Everton, rejected Chelsea’s final bid of $60 million for the club’s defender John Stones. The information about the offer was shared through media earlier this week. But, despite Chelsea’s hopes for a successful transfer, Everton’s boss answered that “money cannot buy everything,” not in life, nor in football.

Martinez confirmed, that the club will not take the offer made by Chelsea. According to the club’s head, Stones is not for sale at all. Roberto Martinez said that Stones is a “vital part” of the club’s future and that he will help the team to become even better than now.

The Everton FC player showed his best in the last game against Barnsley. The game was incredible for two reasons. First, Stones joined the game despite the fact of receiving one more transfer offer from Chelsea. Secondly, Barnsley is Jones’ former home-club, so this was about a double emotional pressure.

The defender has joined the game that evening and he was fighting for Everton’s victory during all 120 minutes of the extra-time game. His incredible strength led the team to a spectacular 5-3 win.

Roberto Martinez has also added that football clubs need to protect their players when the football transfer window is open. Otherwise, the transfer process is slowly turning into some kind of a circus.

Chelsea fights for better players

The British club is trying to use all the possibilities of this summer’s transfer window. Stones was definitely the main goal of the Blues. Jose Mourinho could use John Stones to replace current Chelsea’s center back John Terry.

The Blues’ captain is clearly losing his grip. During a recent game against Manchester City he was replaced at a half time by Kurt Zouma. Unfortunately for Chelsea, this move did not give the team any new chances to win. The game ended with a 3-0 defeat of the London club.

Now, without a possibility to use John Stones’s talent, Jose Mourinho will need to find another way to make his team’s defense stronger.

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