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Is the Game Over for Justin Boston?

Is the Game Over for Justin Boston?

It has been a long time since the name of one of the most promising and scandalous drivers of Kyle Busch Motorsports—Justin Boston—has hit the headlines. In fact, we do not even know for sure if there is a possibility to see Justin Boston racing on the track again.

Lawsuit that ended everything


Lawsuit that ended everything

Last summer, KBM announced two moves: first, the company parted ways with Justin Boston, and later, KBM sued both Boston and his father’s company Zloop for not paying their sponsorship payments. By the date of the lawsuit announcement, the total sum of the Bostons’ debt was over $4 million. But since Boston’s family company was in bankruptcy, the chances for KBM to get their money back were extremely low.

The luck was definitely not on Justin Boston’s side. Not only did his first NASCAR team part with the driver, but most of his fans turned away from him as well. You can find numerous comments here and there on forums claiming that Justin Boston has no chance (and no right as well) to enter the NASCAR tournaments, at least as a part of the KBM team.

ARCA as a substitute for NASCAR

Before entering NASCAR, Justin Boston was one of the most promising and talented ARCA drivers. Then, he made his way to NASCAR by joining the KMB team. After ending his NASCAR career and parting ways with KBM, Boston attempted to go back to his previous team Venturini Motorsports and even joined them for a few events, including Du Quoin Fair performed last September.

Still, the last news on the driver’s official website was posted back in June 2015, when Boston had a chance to save his career in both NASCAR and KBM. Now, it is unlikely that Justin Boston will enter another NASCAR team and get a shot at a new appearance on the professional racing track not as a viewer but as a driver instead.

And those NASCAR drivers who are still in the game surely have something to learn from Justin Boston’s case—you had better not mess with your team, or your career will be ended for good.

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