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Is Djokovic to Break the Rule and Record

Is Djokovic to Break the Rule and Record

Djokovic's main competitors

Djokovic’s main competitors

Now, Djokovic shares his place with Bill Tilden but, if Novak gains three more victories, he may go past Rod Laver, Bjorn Borg and Roy Emerson as well. It is still a question, whether the Serb can beat Federer in this ranking, as the modern level of tournaments suggest that it will be difficult for a player who enters his 30s. The same reason may prevent Federer from winning Grand Slam next year—the Swiss player will soon turn 35. Who else can beat Djokovic in the next season?

Andy Murray is rather young and skilled, but the last time he defeated Djokovic was in the Wimbildon final in 2013.

Other serious competitor is Rafael Nadal, who, in case he experiences no health problems, has pretty good chances to beat the Serbian player.

An obvious answer would definitely be Wawrinka—his fabulous counter-attack this June in the Grand Slam final with the high-risk level of performance did him good. Yet, not many players can sustain good play at this level.

If Kei Nishikori, the world’s number six, has better luck with injuries, he is a potential competition and a Grand Slam winner.

Besides, a new young generation is emerging in tennis, but they need at least a couple more years to master their skills.

So, even taking into account all possible competitors, Djokovic has the best chances to win Grand Slam tournaments in the next three years. His team is a very professional one and the player is comfortable at all surfaces, at any weather.

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