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Is Djokovic to Break the Rule and Record

Is Djokovic to Break the Rule and Record

The 10th victory of the Serb

Novak Djokovic is a tennis player who already has 10 Grand Slam victories; only six other players have better results. Winning his 10th title this year in New York in a match against Roger Federer, the Serbian player promised to continue coming back for more titles as long as he has a “flare” in him. This victory prevented Federer from setting a new record of 18 Grand Slam titles (Federer is still the current top player, having 17 victories on his account). Despite an obvious struggle at the beginning of the third set, Novak pulled himself together and stood firm to win the match. Federer, in his turn, was amazed by the support that he received at Arthur Ashe Stadium. Though the audience had to wait for the match, as it was delayed because of rain, when the match started, it immediately showed its preferences. Federer said that it is easier to play when you feel such support and that people actually want you to win and they, indeed, have stayed with him till the very end. What was helping Federer, was a major obstacle for Djokovic who had to display resilience in the face of this crowd.


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