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Giants granted young fan’s request to sign Mark Melancon

Giants granted young fan’s request to sign Mark Melancon

It’s difficult to figure out where general managers find their motivation sometimes. When it came to signing Mark Melancon though, the motivation for San Francisco Giants GM Bobby Evans may have come in the form of a young fan’s letter.

As everyone knows, the Giants finalized their four-year, $62M contract with the former Pirates and Nationals closer on Friday. Not long afterward, the Giants posted the following tweet containing a letter and a request from a young fan to ink Melancon very, very soon.

The letter reads:

“Bobby, it would be so cool if the Giants got Mark Melancon. I really really really want you to go out and get him very very soon. Melancon really really needs to come to the Giants. Please offer him a big contract!!! Bobby, please go out and get him now! Melancon needs to come to the Giants this offseason.”

Request granted, young fan. Or at least that’s who we’re assuming wrote this letter. The Giants didn’t offer any additional information other than to say they’re listening to the fans.

Truth be told, Melancon was on the Giants radar long before this letter was written. One of their biggest goals this offseason was to sign an impact reliever, which is exactly what Melancon has been in recent years. But who knows, maybe the letter gave them the extra emphasis needed to push their offer over the top. Or better yet, maybe they used the letter itself as a recruiting tool.

That would be pretty cool. But either way, the Giants got the man they wanted and at least one loyal fan wanted too.

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