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Expect more fighting between Roger Goodell and Jerry Jones after NFL’s latest ‘hip check’ of Cowboys owner

Expect more fighting between Roger Goodell and Jerry Jones after NFL’s latest ‘hip check’ of Cowboys owner

It’s just personal, not business.

That’s an accurate description of the still-decaying state of affairs between NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, two league titans whose relationship has devolved into a string of red-faced telephone conversations, legal volleys and prickly media leaks. This is the NFL’s shadow struggle. And it is threatening to press on in perpetuity – Goodell trying to corral an owner with an unquenchable thirst to dictate the league’s future; Jones continually angling to reduce the power of an overpaid and underperforming caretaker.

It’s a tug-of-war that has flipped an organized crime/corporate adage on its ear.

It’s just business, not personal.

Where it concerns Goodell and Jones, that axiom can be reversed. While the problems between the two men might be rooted in business, their strained relationship is getting chest-deep in personal feelings. That’s the fallout of Monday’s New York Times report, stating that Goodell is planning to fine Jones “millions” for conduct detrimental to the league. In Jones’ world, that kind of money is a pin-prick. But the Times report and how it was initially framed is something else.

Those close to Jones believe something more nefarious is afoot, specifically, a campaign designed to beat back and scold the Cowboys owner while publicly reasserting Goodell’s power and reach.

One league source who has long been a Jones ally went as far to call the Times report a “hip check” from the NFL’s Park Avenue offices.

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To be fair, the league attempted to re-frame the report in a softer tone – with the NFL Network reporting that any “millions” coming out of Jones’ pockets would simply be the recouping of legal fees. More specifically, monies the NFL doled out during the negotiation of Goodell’s contract extension – which saw the Cowboys owner and league engage in a spate of trash talking between white-shoe law firms – and also some portion of the Ezekiel Elliott suspension dustup.

planning to fight this, according to an NFL Network report) and the maneuver was leaked by someone. This is bound to add an extended chill to a relationship between Goodell and Jones that was already icy at best. And like anything else that goes on at the highest levels of this league, there is likely far more in play than we realize. And that is this: In a matter of a few short years, the league and the players’ union will engage in a labor negotiation that is shaping up to be one of the most contentious in the history of the NFL. One thathas the NFLPA laying plans for a $600 million war chest in

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