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David Ortiz sent a cryptic tweet to the Boston Globe and fans are losing it

David Ortiz sent a cryptic tweet to the Boston Globe and fans are losing it

When Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz hung up his bat and cleats at the end of the 2016 season, many fans wished he’d reconsider. He’s only 41, and after one of the best seasons of his career he clearly had more in the tank. But thus far, Big Papi has stayed retired.

Then on Monday night, Ortiz sent out a tweet that drove people into a frenzy.

“Hey, that looks like nothing” is what you might be saying right now. And it really does look like nothing. It could be a mistake, or a pocket tweet. He could have forgotten to type something, or one of his kids could have been playing with his phone, or a household pet could have walked on it.

But what if he’s trying to tell us something? The Boston Globe certainly thinks he might be.

Big Papi didn’t respond, so we’re left only to wonder what his tweet was about. But Red Sox fans on Twitter didn’t take it so easily. The blank tweet to the Boston Globe drove them absolutely insane, and inspired some of the best responses.

Some people just wanted to know what it all meant.

Others took decided to give his mysterious tweet their own meaning.

And a few more just couldn’t stand the tension and stress of not knowing.

My best guess? One of his bats became sentient, and sad at the thought of never being used in a game ever again, it grew arms and legs and hands and decided to send that tweet out on Big Papi’s behalf.

Okay, that’s probably not true. It was most likely a mistake. But isn’t it more fun to assume he did it for another reason? Even just to troll all the baseball fans who love him and want him to un-retire?

BLS H/T: The Boston Globe

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