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Bryce Salvador ends his NHL player career

Bryce Salvador ends his NHL player career

This Wednesday Bryce Salvator, the defenseman and the captain of the New Jersey Devils team, announced his retirement. He stops playing ice hockey because of his recent law back trauma. Salvator has a nerve damaged and a building disc, so the player is not sure about his current ability to play for the whole season.

13 seasons of a great ice hockey

Bryce Salvator spent over 20 years on the ice and participated in 13 ice hockey seasons. He started his career as a professional NHL player in Tampa Bay Lightning in 1994. Six years later, in 2000, Salvator joined the St. Lois Blues as a defenseman. In the 2007-08 season, Salvator changed his home team once more by joining the NJ Devils team.

While he was a defenseman in the Blues and the Devils, Bryce Salvatore played in 786 NHL games and made 24 goals in these games. The defenseman missed the whole 2010-11 season because of his trauma and returned on the ice only at the end of 2011.

The Devils signed a three-year contract with the defenceman in 2012. One year later, in 2013, the team’s managers have named Salvator as the captain. Ray Shero, Devils’ general manager, said in his recent interview that Salvator was “well-respected” in the team and that his selection for the captain post was “most appropriate.”

Out of ice, but not out of the team

Although Bryce Salvator has officially ended his sports career as a professional NHL player, he will not leave the team at all. The former captain will continue to work with the Devils. Along with his former team, Salvator is going to work with New Jersey’s local hockey organizations.

Now the former player is going to discover the business side of its favorite sport. Speaking with a writer Tom Gulitti, Salvator said that he hopes to “be in management in the NHL” in 10 of 15 years from now.

Trying to tell everyone about his extraordinary experience, Bryce Salvator has published his own article in the Players’ Tribune. The athlete ended his piece with the words “I played in the freaking NHL. It’s enough to make you dizzy.”

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