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Benefits of Tennis: Why You Should Start Playing Tomorrow

Benefits of Tennis: Why You Should Start Playing Tomorrow

When people think about starting to exercise next year (or on Monday, for those who still feel enthusiastic), they normally do not consider tennis as a sport worth trying. Who knows why and when this bias towards tennis arose. Maybe it is because tennis is considered very difficult, and you have to do lots of training before you can start. Of course, tennis requires efforts, but these efforts are worth it. If you choose tennis to start your new sports season with, you will soon be able to witness the numerous benefits of tennis.

Firstly, tennis is called one of the best stamina-boosting sports. And since it is a competitive game, you are unlikely to feel bored after 15 minutes of practice. Another great thing about tennis is intervals. Any normal tennis match would usually involve a number of short sprints, which means that when you are playing tennis, you are doing extensive and tremendously effective interval training. Consequently, such kind of exercise is the best choice for improving heart health. Another not so obvious benefit is increasing the density of bones. According to the studies conducted on tennis players over a long span of time, the dominant arm and hip contain more mineral responsible for bone density.

Another important benefit of tennis is huge weight loss. Like any kind of good aerobic training, tennis involves running, jumping, and other moves that keep our heart rates at high levels. And maintaining high heart rate for a period of time (of course, as long as you are comfortable to endure) means that the body fat is melting like butter on a hot pan!

There are other bonuses that will not be obvious at first: better balance and lower stress rate. You suddenly feel you can easily walk on a narrow pavement? That is due to tennis, which involves forward and backward movements and forces your brain and muscles to work together more effectively. And, of course, beating the life out of that ball definitely helps to relieve stress. Not to mention that any exercises are proved to be great at relieving stress and quickly boosting your mood, no matter how bad it was before the training.

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  • Matt

    Tennis has many benefits not only physical but it also has positive impact on your personality and mental health. :-)