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Are There Santa’s Elves Among Professional Athletes?

Are There Santa’s Elves Among Professional Athletes?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Athletes help kids fight cancer

For professional athletes, the easiest way to help someone who is fighting cancer or any other disease is to donate some money. We have already told you about the most philanthropic athletes who do not mind spending extra money for someone else’s sake. Among those athletes, there were a few people who were focused mostly on helping little cancer patients.

One of the two extremely large donations performed by Cristiano Ronaldo last year led him to the top of the list of the most charitable athletes of the year. The world-famous soccer player gave a few hundred thousand dollars to a little boy who was suffering from a neurological disease so he could get the necessary operation. The second donation of $165,000 was given to one of the cancer centers in Portugal, the same one where Ronaldo’s mother had fought against this terrible disease. It looks like having somebody who faced the ugly and ruthless face of cancer among your loved ones helps people understand what it is like to fight for every day if not for every hour of a person’s life.

Russell Wilson, however, found a way to support cancer patients that is thousand times better than simply paying for their treatment. Every Tuesday, the famous NFL player visits Seattle Children’s Hospital and spends some time with kids, inspiring them to continue their battle against the disease. The athlete started this tradition back in 2012, during his rookie campaign, and continues to do so every week.

NASCAR star Jeff Gordon runs his own charity—Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation. The main goal of the organization is to help kids with cancer in every way possible: from paying for operations and rehabilitation programs to investing money in innovative medical technologies and establishing medical studies. But the most impressive thing given by Mr. Gordon to little kids is his hospital. NASCAR’s champion has founded the Jeff Gordon’s Children’s Hospital in Concord, North Carolina. The hospital provides a high-level medical care for kids, regardless the ability of their families to pay for it.

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