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Adidas will become a new jersey manufacturer for the NHL

Adidas will become a new jersey manufacturer for the NHL

A few sources confirmed the upcoming change of the NHL’s jerseys-maker. Adidas will start to make jerseys for all 30 teams of the league starting from the 2017-2018 season. Until 2017 teams will use their current jerseys made by Reebok, Adidas’ subsidiary.

New advertising opportunities

A long-term deal between Adidas and the NHL can make room for ads on the NHL jerseys. In contrast to Reebok, who payed about $35 million of the rights fee per year, Adidas will pay the double sum. This is why the company will probably use all its leverage to put its logo on the NHL jerseys. Yet, it is unclear how exactly the NHL will receive its fees. It may depend on sales or be within a straight arrangement.

This deal will help Adidas keep its sales on high level, even after quitting the NBA jerseys-making process. Moreover, the NHL will open new opportunities to the company. For today, there are 30 teams in the NHL, and each or them needs a certain set of jerseys. Hockey players need special outfits for the training process, for different types of competitions and different seasons.

It is possible that the company will add its striped logo on the new Adidas jerseys of a few hockey teams, if not on all of them. This will make new outfits identifiable for the sport fans. Meanwhile, there can be even more ads on NHL jerseys by the time of World Cup of Hockey in 2016. For the North American hockey teams, adding ads on their jerseys is one of the easiest ways to generate additional revenue. Although, the deal with Adidas can delay this move for a while.

A fresh start with the ice hockey

While Adidas is not the hockey-focused company, it has some experience in this area. The company has taken a part in funding a few NCAA programs. You could see a jersey, made by Adidas, on such school hockey teams like Wisconsin and Michigan.

With these teams Adidas did not make any crucial changes for the jerseys. But this time we will probably see completely different hockey jerseys on the NHL players.

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