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7 Ways to Go: FIFA Confirms Names of Possible Presidents

7 Ways to Go: FIFA Confirms Names of Possible Presidents

FIFA needs a new leader

FIFA needs a new leader

The biggest soccer governing body is struggling for a new head. The former head of the Association found himself in the middle of a giant corruption scandal, and now he is under a criminal investigation.

Lately, we have heard dozens of shocking news about the corruption in FIFA. Not only the FIFA chief fell under suspicion, a number of his colleagues were charged with corruption as well. In May, seven officials of FIFA were arrested in Zurich by Swiss authorities. The arrests were performed at the U.S. official request. Later, the U.S. charged seven more people from FIFA, including high-ranking representatives of the Association.

The indictments were unveiled against the former officials of the most significant football governing body as well as against some of its current employees. Sepp Blatter was suspected of signing an “unfavorable” agreement with the former chief of the Caribbean FA Jack Warner back in 2005. There is yet another indictment of making a “disloyal payment” of £1.3 million (around $2 million) to Michel Platini, the current UEFA head.

Although the 79-year-old FIFA president denies any wrongdoings, this summer Sepp Blatter stated that he is going to leave the presidential seat. Criminal proceedings against FIFA’s head were announced on Sept. 25. Two weeks later, on Oct. 8, Blatter was officially suspended. So now, FIFA definitely needs to pick a new leader.

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