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2018 NCAA tournament title contenders, ranked 1-68

2018 NCAA tournament title contenders, ranked 1-68

There is no dominant team in college basketball. Or so the vast majority of commentary and analysis throughout the 2018 season would have you believe. Some used the word “parity.” Others used “chaos” to describe dizzying weeks of upsets suffered by the sport’s bluebloods.

And heading into the 2018 NCAA tournament, that sentiment largely holds, at least in that there is no runaway favorite. There are at least six very legitimate title contenders. They, along with dozens of other Final Four hopefuls, are the teams you’ll read about below, ranked 1-68, and placed into eight distinct tiers.

But there is one that has stood above the rest.

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There is one that, if its jerseys read “Duke” or “North Carolina” or “Kansas” or “Michigan State,” would absolutely be considered college basketball’s dominant team. One that went 31-2 while none of its peers managed fewer than four losses. One that triumphed at Cameron Indoor Stadium and twice over the defending national champs. One that won a demanding ACC by four games, the first to do so since 2000 Duke.

This is a team that, statistically, compares favorably to the top-ranked team in college basketball from three of the previous four seasons, and pales only to one that had Karl-Anthony Towns, Devin Booker, Willie Cauley-Stein and the Harrison twins. One that had John Calipari, and an undefeated record until the Final Four.

This is the team that leads our 1-68 list, which is ordered not based on talent, and not based on regular season performance, but rather based on chances to cut down nets in San Antonio on April 2. The team most likely to do that is Virginia.


1. Virginia (1)

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